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Foundation Repair Questions Answered Foundation repair work and the amount of money required to pay for it depends on what is causing the problem. In order to have a better understanding of how much money you will need to put aside, consider the type of work required. If the foundation type is complicated to repair, expect the cost to increase considerably. A stone or brick wall will cost a lot more money than a concrete wall. Any damages to the foundation will need to be assessed in order to get an idea of how much work needs to be done. You need to take note of how extensive the damage is, as this will also play a role in how much money is needed to restore the foundation. The first two points about type and damages are rather obvious. What often goes unnoticed is how much accessibility plays a role. If there is limited access then be prepared for an increase in price. Now, let’s review some common repairs made to a foundation and the type of work entailed. Concrete slab foundations have a tendency to crack or shift over time. Mud jacking or using piers and brackets are two ways to go about fixing a concrete slab. Steel brackets and piers installation alongside or beneath the slab, shouldn’t take more than two days of work.
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Methods used to repair retaining walls that have shifted from their original position are determined by the cause of the shift. If water is accumulating on the other side of the wall, installing drain lines will stop it from continuing to build.
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Another cause of the wall going out of alignment is through the accumulation of matter building up behind the wall. The equipment involved in restoring the wall to its originally aligned position usually involves hydraulic jacks and helical anchors. Screwing anchors deep into the soil relies on the work of the helical plates, which are attached to pier shafts. Once the anchors reach stable soil, the end of the pier is joined with a bracket. Permanently affixing the bracket to the pier should be avoided until the wall is placed back into alignment. Foundation crack repairs, especially minor ones are easy to fix. Avoid hiring a foundation repair specialist if the crack is smaller than 1/4 of an inch, or if the foundation has not shifted. Save money and do it yourself if you can. Call a foundation repair specialist if the crack resurfaces, and sealant or patching mortar was used to fix it. Most repairs require the work of someone who is trained as a foundation specialist. Without the appropriate training or equipment, do not expect cracks to disappear. Look for a foundation repair specialist in your area if you are experiencing structural problems.